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How much do you charge?
It is really difficult to give an indication of our charges without knowing a bit more about your event. Various things can affect the cost of hiring a band including the size and location of the venue, the length of time you want us to play and the equipment we will need to bring.
So please, contact us now and we will be happy to give you a quotation.

How much deposit do I pay to secure a booking?
We require a10% deposit of the full fee at the time of booking. The balance can then be paid by direct transfer of cheque a week before your event or in cash or cheque on the night.


What areas do you cover?
We are happy to play almost anywhere in the world! The band is based in London and the South East so our most competitive rates will be for bookings in this region. For venues with further travelling time from London, we will charge extra fee.


Where can I see you play? 
We are so busy with private engagements that we rarely have the opportunity to play at public events. 
You may watch a video of our live performances on this website to give you a better idea of how we appear when playing live and listen to our demos, or contact us if you want to come to a rehearsal which can be arranged. 


Will the band need a PA or special lighting or any requirements?
The band will supply their own PA suitable for events up to 500 people. We also supply lighting. All we need is a few plug sockets available and a room to get changed leave our belongings in.


Do you take song requests?
Yes please feel free to make requests and we will accommodate music to suit your event. All we ask is that you give us enough notice for rehearsal purposes. We can only take up to 4 per event. We highly recommend you trusting us and leaving the final play list to us, This is because there are many factors involved in determining the order and composition of the play list, such as key signatures, tempos, audience reaction and participation etc.

What venues will you play?
The band will perform at a wide variety of venues from pubs & village halls to large country estates, theatres, halls, hotel function rooms. The band will also perform in marquees or outdoors, under cover, if the weather allows it. 


How much space do you need?
Depending on how many of us you wish to have all we ask is we need a suitable space to fit the equipment and have enough room to perform!


How long do you need to set up? 
Usually we need about an hour and a half to set up the PA and sound check in advance of the performance. We prefer this to carrying out the sound-check before the arrival of guests where possible.


Will I also need to hire a DJ?
We are happy to play a selection of continuous music that is mixed together before and between our performances. Most clients do not find that they need a DJ in addition to the band, however we are happy to work with a DJ if you do have one, or help you to book one. 


Contracts & Booking requirements:
Provisional bookings will only be held for 7 days. A non refundable deposit is required to secure the date of your booking

After Booking:
Once a booking is confirmed, the band will contact the client whenever necessary if details need to be checked, clarified, confirmed or discussed.


Will the band i book be the exact same people as in the pictures/video’s?

Usually, but not always. We engage the best musicians and singers possible. All of our team are professionals and as such will be engaged sometimes to work on tours and sessions with name acts. We have a core team as seen on this site and then a pool of players. We will absolutely ensure the performance is utterly fantastic as all line ups are equally incredible

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